What makes today so special?

  • Today is “Wan Yut Klang Pi Thanakhan.”

This is the half-year Holiday celebrated on July 1st only by banks in Thailand.


Why are banks closed today?

My guess is because it marks the ½ way point through the year.

This means some of us are out celebrating two fantastic quarters and others are frozen with the realization that there are only 6 months left to achieve their yearly goals. Bottomline – no one is going to the bank.

Which group are you in?

My hope is you are with our group – taking a well-deserved break.

Maybe at the beach, perhaps with a celebratory glass in hand and a beaming face brighter than the mid-day sun. Cheers ! and congratulations to a job well done.


If you are in the other group. Wondering where the time went and starting to feel a little stress – let me help.

It’s not too late.

Send me an email and I will schedule a complimentary coaching session with you.

Don’t worry about time zones or geography. I am happy to meet you by telephone and help you create a plan jam packed with massive action to keep you on track for the rest of the year.

Let’s be certain that come December 31st you are in the group toasting a brilliant end to a wonderful year.


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