• Perhaps coaching is new to you and your organization. To help put your mind at ease, following are some comments I am proud to share,
    BJ Radomski

“I have had the pleasure of working with BJ at a time of crossroads in my business, where a more strategic process driven implementation was necessary both in my management of the company and the personnel as well as the overall business processes.  BJ, not only heightened my motivation to execute the necessary actions but ensured that I did it in a concise manner by working through the requirements, questioning my reasoning, but at all times ensuring that the implementation was driven by me.  The drive to action was identified through a process of self-evaluation and the execution through personal motivational exercises.  

His skills lie in many facets of business and personal coaching and strategic planning; extracting what lies within me and consistently probing to help me answer my own questions and doubts, allay my own fears, reverse my own despondency all the while encouraging my desire to change, improve and drive my business in the right direction.”
Rik Kher, Akko India

I met BJ for the first time on a Training Course provided by my former organisation. Everyone on the course was very impressed by BJ as the trainer. Unlike many other courses, BJ’s style was relaxed and he was an amusing speaker.  After the course, we could not stop talking continuously about how wonderful it was.  I actually went out to buy some of the books he recommended.

Part of the Training Course package was to have a follow-up individual session with him, so I did. At the time of that session I just had a promotion to a new job with a new organization. The job required me to be a member of senior management and more professional in my work. I was a little bit concerned of the expectations from the new organization. However, within that session with BJ, he made me realize that I had all qualifications needed for the job. He made me believe in myself and calmed my worries. He taught me the technique of bringing my confidence whenever I face with some situations. Nevertheless, I have never got a chance to use his techniques, since I have never needed them yet. Believe it or not, right after I walked out of the room, I felt all the confidence in me like magic. Since then I have never been worried about my new job or afraid of anybody’s expectations. Thanks to my former boss who hired BJ to train us, thanks to my former organization that paid the cost of the course and thanks to BJ who has cast the beautiful spell on me. ”

G.C. , Industry Development MNC.


“I believe that success is measured by who you have on your team. A powerful, creative, energized team is going to equate to massive success. BJ Radomski is someone I have had on my team since we first met over 10 years ago. He is a person of high integrity and extremely creative. If I am stuck or need a fresh outlook on a project, I can count on BJ to come through with just the right idea or slant to keep things moving forward. If you want a powerhouse on your team, hire BJ.” February 16, 2010
Steve Kiges, EG Markets

“BJ is an effective coach because he can make communicate difficult things by using simple words and giving practical story
.    BJ runs programs step by step, they are focused, easy to understand and ready to practice
.   BJ has good coaching skills, understanding, care and concern for his coachee. 
Personally, I like BJ’s style because he can apply the Western methodology with Thai people effectively”
Narongwit Saentong, People Value Co.

“Working with BJ was a real pleasure. He gave me a big picture and an accurate detail of the Thai culture and how to do business in the Asia Pacific region. Indeed his vast business experience makes him an essential asset for any proactive organization.”
Luis Amelinckx