Big Picture – Personal Edition

You want to rocket your personal performance forward, this solution is for you.
You will master your attitude, belief systems, habits time management
& more

Individual coaching will have you breaking through barriers that held you back in the past. Using tips and techniques from Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) and Emotional Intelligence (EI) combined with the proven coaching methodology you will create results on a level you did not think possible

Coaching accelerates progress by providing focus and awareness. It concentrates on where you are now and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be in the future, recognizing that results are a matter of your intentions, choices and actions. Supported by a good Coach’s efforts and the application of the coaching process, amazing things can happen.

Or you may be interested in specific personal development programs;

Hamburger or Happiness, it is your little daily choices that ultimately lead to your life results.

The Big Personal Picture – A personal vision is key to creating the life you will be satisfied with at the end. And it will end. This can be fun, it can be hard – but it is important to build a life without regrets.

Do it, Damn it (Home edition) – Productivity is not just for the office. Getting the most out of each day is key. This also means getting the most out your weekend. Without proper planning it may not be possible to lay on the couch and watch that movie you were looking forward to

I can’t work with these people – The social contract dictates there will be interaction between ourselves and others. Family, friends and those new people who appear in our lives. This program will ensure you leave all conversations understood and at peace.


“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to their graves with the song still in their heart.” Henry Thoreau

Many people struggle to get true happiness in their lives. Why is this?

They don’t want to be seen as aggressive, they are living the dreams of others or maybe they have not created the space to see what it is they actually want.

This results in days of living a trance-like life. Going through the motions of life, but not creating the impact you truly want.

This shows up in our careers, our businesses, our relationships and our life in general.

Hey, you are not alone.

Take the time to work with Big Picture and receive these amazing benefits;

  • Identify your true vision
  • Crystalize your goals
  • Create a strategy that motivates you
  • Stay in integrity
  • Life a life rich in positive results
  • And much more

You want to have less stress and enjoy more quality time with others.

Whether you are grinding away in your own company or working in an organization, Big Picture can help.


You deserve to live a great life. Help me prove Henry David Thoreau wrong!

Cast aside desperation and “Live a life of joy, integrity, success and balance”