Big Picture – Business Edition

Big Picture has solutions designed to take your corporate leadership and your team to a higher level.


You may want to start with one-on-one executive development. This personal coaching relationship accelerates progress by providing focus and awareness. It concentrates on where you are now and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be in the future, recognizing that results are a matter of your intentions, choices and actions. Supported by a good Coach’s efforts and the application of the coaching process, amazing things can happen.


For teams we have a series or Leadership programs which can customized to exactly meet the needs of your team.


Leadership is difficult to describe and often means different things to different people.


We have learned that total leadership is actually quite uncommon. This is due to the fact that Total leadership requires a series of behaviors that may at first seem in conflict with one another.


To escort you and your team to a higher level on the path to total leadership, big Picture has the following development programs;


The Big Picture – strategy starts with a vision and some key goals to get you there. Which paths you choose for each department in your organization make up your strategy


Do it, Damn it – now you know what you need to achieve, its about getting things done in the most timely and effective manner.


I can’t work with these people – communication breakdown due to culture, departmental or personality differences can be devastating to team performance. This session is designed to defuse these sticky situations


The joy of Conflict – It is rare to find a team that truly works like a team. Trust, conflict and other issues can be a real headache. This session breaks through team dysfunction. It is not about playing games in an offsite retreat – this is serious business


The carrot & the stick, what is the truth about motivation and delegation.


Lessons from Socrates – This Greek philosopher is often referred to the original coach. You will learn powerful lessons that will have you coaching your team to results you never experienced before. And no need to learn Latin


Entrepreneur Fastrak, The 9 key elements every business owner must master are addressed in this program. You will dissect your business in a way you have not seen it before. From here the action plan will almost write itself. You will leave knowing exactly what to do and when.